APRA-GA's Mentor Program

Mentoring is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for both mentees and mentors. APRA-GA is proud to announce its launch of a mentor program to help new or struggling prospect researchers find information and solutions to any questions or concerns he/she may have. 


The goal of the APRA-GA Mentoring Program is to provide members with the opportunity to partner with experienced prospect development professionals who can offer support, guidance and assistance with research, data mining, analysis and prospect management strategies and resources.

The Mentoring Program will make every effort to match individuals with a seasoned professional who is experienced in the area(s) of need that you wished to be discussed. We will do our best to find you the best fit between Mentee and Mentor.


Mentor Benefits

  • A way to give back to your fellow prospect development researchers and the prospect development research field.
  • An opportunity to raise the awareness of the profession in the fundraising field.
  • Networking opportunities with different organizations and researchers.​

Mentee Benefits

  • An opportunity to learn about the profession from more experienced colleagues
  • A way to develop research skills and learn new ideas, concepts and perspectives.
  • Networking opportunities within the prospect development community.


The APRA GA mentoring program was a valuable experience for me as I pursued adding prospect research skills to my philanthropic services.

The structure of the mentoring program provided great flexibility, allowing both my mentor and I to arrange times around our personal and professional schedules. Our mentoring relationship was built on a foundation of honesty and candor. Frank and open communication between us ensured clarity and agreement on the goals, approach and duration of the mentoring relationship.

In order to get the most out of my mentoring experience, it was important for me to be prepared for change, trust my mentor, be an active listener, be authentic, be committed and challenge myself.

I appreciated being able to share freely my goals and future aspirations. My mentor shared her wisdom, knowledge, skills and expertise. Each meeting was devoted to new learning opportunities, goal planning, networking, and numerous other memorable experiences that allowed us time to invest in a lifelong personal and professional relationship.

Through this mentorship, I am confident I gained a trustworthy advocate and ally who will continue to encourage me as I strive toward personal and professional achievement.

I would highly recommend the APRA GA mentoring program for anyone interested in learning, growing and improving while advancing in your career.

​-Anne Metz, Independent Consultant, Metz Services

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the APRA-GA mentor program and recommend you participate. I was brand new to higher education, development, and prospect research. Having an APRA-GA chapter member as a mentor not only helped me grow my skills, but also provided a networking opportunity and friendship with someone in the field outside of my institution. Kris and I met once a month, and I can’t tell you how much I looked forward to this time. It was always casual. There was no agenda, but rather a time to discuss recent hurdles, ask questions I hadn’t preconceived, and learn more generally about higher education. I was asking so many questions of my team every day, and Kris provided a unique perspective, giving me more tools in my prospect researcher tool box. No matter your skill level or the size of your shop, the opportunity to connect with someone at another institution and learn from them is invaluable to your career. Not to mention you might gain a friend along the way. 

-Mallory Moye, University of Georgia

I’m presently the only Prospect Researcher at the University of North Georgia.   To tell you a little about my background, I spent 34 years in bank management. There was not a prospect researcher on board when I was hired, so I was lost.  

Thankfully, one of my peers suggested I join our local chapter of APRA GA and request a mentor in which I did immediately. 

My mentor Jane from Woodward Academy and I communicated via phone, email, texts, and we met periodically.

  • The first thing she familiarized me with was the APRA Body of Knowledge and the research links available on the Helen Brown website.
  • Since she used many of the same software services as I did, she told me where to find the free training available on the software website and where she recommended I begin.
  • She helped provide information about what conferences to attend also.  We attended several together.  She also suggested several classes to attend at the seminars that she thought would help.

Once I had more knowledge of my role, she began helping me understand my role with the development team.

  • How often to meet with each development officer
  • What to discuss (campaigns, special funding projects, need of new committee members, etc.)
  • Review portfolios (add and delete constituents to keep an active portfolio)

-Tina Stowers, University of North Georgia



If you are an APRA-GA member and interested in being assigned a Mentor, or if you wish to become a Mentor, please complete an application form listed below.  

Please return the form to:

Kris Yager-Rushton, Mentor Program Coordinator, APRA-GA

Development Specialist

Georgia Southern University

Bishop Alumni Center

PO Box 8053/1801 Akins Blvd

Statesboro, GA 30460

Office Phone: 912-478-5625

Email: Krushton@georgiasouthern.edu


Mentor Program Description

Mentoring Program Application

Once Kris has your application, she will contact you to begin the process of possible assignment. For the Mentors, she will send you electronically, an outline to guide you in your calls with your Mentee. 

If you should have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Kris Yager-Rushton at 912-478-5625 or email her at krushton@georgiasouthern.edu

Thank you for your interest and commitment to and support of APRA-GA!

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