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APRA-GA's Mentor Program

Mentoring is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development for both mentees and mentors. APRA-GA is proud to announce its launch of a mentor program to help new or struggling prospect researchers find information and solutions to any questions or concerns he/she may have. 


​The goal of the APRA-GA Mentoring Program is to provide members with the opportunity to partner with experienced prospect development professionals who can offer support, guidance and assistance with research, data mining, analysis and prospect management strategies and resources.

The Mentoring Program will make every effort to match individuals with a seasoned professional who is experienced in the area(s) of need that you wished to be discussed. We will do our best to find you the best fit between Mentee and Mentor.   


Mentor Benefits

  • A way to give back to your fellow prospect development researchers and the prospect development research field.
  • An opportunity to raise the awareness of the profession in the fundraising field.
  • Networking opportunities with different organizations and researchers.​

Mentee Benefits

  • An opportunity to learn about the profession from more experienced colleagues
  • A way to develop research skills and learn new ideas, concepts and perspectives.
  • Networking opportunities within the prospect development community.



If you are an APRA-GA member and interested in being assigned a Mentor, or if you wish to become a Mentor, please complete an application form listed below.  

Please return the form to:

Jane Covington, Mentor Program Coordinator, APRA-GA
Campaign & Research Manager
Woodward Academy

1662 Rugby Avenue

College Park, GA 30337

Office Phone 404-765-4040



Mentor and Mentee Program Description

Mentor and Mentee Application Form

Once Jane has your application, she will contact you to begin the process of possible assignment. For the Mentors, she will send you electronically, an outline to guide you in your calls with your Mentee. 

If you should have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Jane Covington at 404-765-4040 or email her at jane.covington@woodward.edu.

Thank you for your interest and commitment to and support of APRA-GA!

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