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Membership is based on the calendar year. It runs from January 1st - December 31st.  Fee is $40 annually.

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  • APRA-GA offers relevant education, professional development through conferences, and programs. Our Chapter also offers peer insight and camaraderie with others in the profession of Prospect Research and Development. We strive to bring you the current industry trends and news you can use in your daily profession. We also offer resources to build your skill set, boost your performance and advance your career. 

  • APRA-GA Membership connects you with a community of other professionals, with whom you can create life-long friendships, share ideas and successes that help you in every stage of your career path. 

  • The Community advocates not just for the organization each person serves but creates an awareness and promotes the value and impact of prospect development professionals within the fundraising industry. 

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For additional information about our membership please contact our Membership Director, Tracey Robertson.
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Phone:  (404) 712-2423

2022 Membership Application (Word document)

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* At APRA-GA, we are dedicated in making Prospect Development knowledge more accessible. This includes our Membership prices which are offered at what we consider a great value. For anyone that needs support (scholarship for Membership), please contact Beth Ma at .